Our Expertise

Our core competencies include IT transformation, Supply Chain & Manufacturing optimization as well as Corporate & Product Quality. Our OpEx consulting staff have over fifty years combined experience mentoring client teams spanning entry level through the C-suite. We streamline your operations by mapping current state, identifying bottlenecks & recommending solutions, mapping a lean future state and working with you through implementation while quantifying and tracking improvement to your company's top & bottom lines.

Information Technology

Our approach is end-to-end client support. We will review your current technology system & architecture, interview your staff, shadow your key processes and diagnose adverse bottom-line triggers. Then we will recommend a technology solution strategy and work with you to track progress along the way. 


Supply Chain

We provide support from as early as the value proposition phase through post-market launch and sustaining operations. The key topics addressed include supplier selections and evaluation, scorecard management, vendor audits, supplier corrective actions and risk mitigation, among others.

Quality Assurance

Our support includes both legacy and new products. We provide advise on the best strategy to create and sustain optimum corporate, product and process quality meeting industry specific regulations.


We walk clients through Lean Six Sigma and Toyota Production System concepts for optimum process throughput. Ergonomic factors are also included in all analyses.